Bingo Caller Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for Bingo Caller (

Google Analytics

Bingo Caller may collect information including your device type, operating system, network type, non-specific location, language, bingo caller app events and bingo caller user settings for analytical purposes. Please see the Google Analytics Privacy Policy -


Bingo Caller may report cookie and usage data to AdMob to display ads relevant to you. Please see Admob Privacy Policy -


Bingo Caller may report errors and crashes which occur during application usage via Crashlytics. Crashlytics is a crash reporting analytical tool which provides real time and history analytics on application crashes. Please see the Crashlytics Privacy Policy -


All communications of data between the Bingo Caller application and 3rd party services (as mentioned above) is performed over a secure network connection (HTTPS).


By using Bingo Caller you consent to this privacy policy as well as all 3rd party privacy policies listed above.


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